Tips for Extension Authors

How to Get an "Edit me on GitHub" Button

2019-03-17 by Sybille Peters

Why might you want an "Edit me on GitHub" button on the rendered pages of your extension documentation?

"Edit me on GitHub" button

"Edit me on GitHub" button

It makes it easier to contribute to the documentation!

How do you enable this?

Just add this to your Settings.cfg and customize it:


# to get the "Edit me on Github Button"
github_branch = master
github_repository = TYPO3-Console/TYPO3-Console

If you used the sample extension and followed the steps in How to Start Documentation for Your TYPO3 Extension, you should actually already have this.

Look at the typo3_console extension for a working example.

HELP: My extension documentation was rendered with the OLD layout!

2018-02-13 by Martin Bless

That is actually a good sign. Why? Read on!

Shortly after an extension upload to the TER the documentation server will render the documentation that (hopefully!) comes with that version. BUT: At the moment this automatic rendering process still uses the old layout. Unfortunately the current server is very old and can't run the new toolchain. And we haven't managed to switch everything to a new server yet. That is why you initially may feel you've done something wrong because that outdated layout is used.

At the moment I'm running the new toolchain manually "every now and then" from my local machine. In general that should happen at least once a day. The plan is, of course, to set up a fully automated process for that. But we can't foresee at the moment when exactly that will be.

What does this mean? If you see your documentation in the old layout that actually is a good sign. It proves that the documentation can be found and rendered. Just stay calm and patient until the new layout appears. That's the only thing you need to do.

Easy - you can do it!

How to start Documentation for Your TYPO3 Extension (With Starter Project)

Update: Please see How to Start Documentation for Your TYPO3 Extension for an up-to-date description of starting extension documentation from scratch using the example extension manual and rendering with Docker (2019-01-06).

2016-12-29 by Martin Bless


  • Get yourself one of the T3DocumentationStarter projects that look like
  • Read the frontpage of the starter to learn how it works.
  • You may edit directly at Github. Just do a little update and save (=push), and some very few minutes later you can reload the page and see what the server has rendered for you. You don't have to install or render anything yourself. The server will do that for you.
  • Or work with Github as you usually do.
  • To become the owner of a starter project send a mail with your Github username to the docteam to and ask for a T3DocumentationStarter project.
  • Later: Copy the ./Documentation folder of the starter project to your extension. Write your documentation. Edit the metadata in ./Documentation/Settings.cfg and you are done.

Come to the sunny side of documentation - have fun!