How You Can Help

Everyone can contribute to the TYPO3 documentation and contributions are very much appreciated.

There are a number of things you can do to help.


These are just examples to get you started. You are not restricted to this, as a contributor. If you can make useful improvements, do it!

Make Minor Changes

If you see a typo, a broken link or can make some improvements in the spelling, do not hesitate to click on "Edit me on Github" and make the change yourself. See Contribute to for a walkthrough.

Check Spelling

Check spelling for consistency. Specifically, compare spelling of title and headlines to The TYPO3 Writing Style Guide on

Is spelling of proper nouns correct?

See: Content Style Guide & Spelling

Fix Issues

If you are a new contributor, you can look for issues in TYPO3-Documentation with the label "good first issue":

You can look at the open issues of a manual you are familiar with, pick one and fix the problem.

For example:

To find the issues for a specific manual click on "Related links" (on the bottom left of the page).


For advanced contributors / team members:

Replace Outdated Images

Replace outdated images, for example in the TSconfig Reference reference.

Look at Images for information about how to use images.

Add YouTube Videos

Add some new YouTube videos from the TYPO3 YouTube channel.

See Embed YouTube Videos for information on how to do this.

Teach and Motivate Others

If you are already familiar with the workflow, you can help others to get started. Whenever you are at a TYPO3 event (Sprint, Barcamp, etc.), on StackOverflow or in a Slack channel and someone finds something missing in the documentation, help them make the necessary changes themselves.

Thank others for their contributions (e.g. on Slack or personally).

Spread the Word

Tweet (hashtag: #typo3) or blog about things in the documentation, that are new and that you find interesting. Remind people, that everyone can contribute!

Review Manuals

Pick a manual (such as Getting Started Tutorial, TYPO3 Explained) and start reviewing it. If you find something that needs fixing or something is missing, either fix it or write an issue for it, if you cannot make the changes yourself.

You can also give general feedback as issues, but if possible try to outline some way in which the manual can be improved.

If you can, please try to fix the issue yourself.

Some general things to look out for:

  • Does the manual contain spelling mistakes or language errors?
  • Is the language clear and easy to follow?

Here are some things to look out for, while reviewing Tutorials:

  • Does the manual contain clear, easy to follow steps with screenshots or code examples, where necessary?
  • Is the information correct and up to date?
  • Is someone, who is new to the topic, capable of following the Tutorial?

More information: What Is A TYPO3 Tutorial?

Here are some things to look out for, while reviewing Guides:

  • Does it have a clear structure?
  • Did you easily find the information you needed?
  • For longer sections: Is there a summary available, as a "Quick Start" or "Quick Reference" (Example: Logging Quick Start)?