System Requirements

TYPO3 requires a web server, PHP and a database system.

  • TYPO3 requires a web server which can run PHP (e.g. Apache, Nginx or IIS).
  • TYPO3 8 requires at least PHP 7.x.
  • TYPO3 can be used with a great many database systems (e.g. MySQL or Postgres). If you use MySQL, you will need to install at least MySQL 5.5.

If you use an Apache web server, the module mod_rewrite must be activated. Certain PHP extensions are necessary, others recommended. You possibly want to adjust the memory limit; at least 128 MB is recommended.

If you want TYPO3 to automatically carry out image processing – for example scaling or cropping – you will need GraphicsMagick or ImageMagick (version 6 or newer) installed on the server.

A detailed list of these requirements is enclosed in the file inside the TYPO3 source package.

Should you encounter problems, the "Troubleshooting" section at the end of this document will help.