The Distributions

Several Distributions are available for TYPO3 for use in your installation. In essence, a Distribution is an extension which sets up and configures TYPO3 to get you started. A Distribution often creates an example page structure and content elements, as well as automatically handling the installation and activation of useful extensions.

For testing and learning TYPO3 we recommend to start with the introduction package (see below).

If you want to build your web site from scratch, just go ahead without using a Distribution. You can then start with a completely empty installation of TYPO3.

The following distribution is available from the Core directly:

Introduction Package

The Introduction Package is a complete demo website. It it based on a responsive design using bootstrap templates and contains a lot of default content for testing and learning. Try this one if you are new to TYPO3.

Introduction Package

The Introduction Package provides a full website based on bootstrap.

Installing Distributions with composer

To install the introduction package or any other distribution on a composer based installation use composer require typo3/cms-introduction (change the package name to the distribution you want). Afterwards use the following commands to activate the extension(s) via command line:

./vendor/bin/typo3 extension:activate bootstrap_package
./vendor/bin/typo3 extension:activate introduction

In this case, the introduction package depends on the bootstrap_package, so both packages have to be activated.

Installing Distributions without composer

Move to the ADMIN TOOLS > Extensions module and choose "Get preconfigured distribution" from the menu in the docheader. Just choose the Distribution you would like to use and hit the "Install" button.