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EXT: aahbook

Author:Kasper Skårhøj

EXT: aahbook

Extension Key: aahbook

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Table of Contents

EXT: My Extension 1

Introduction 1

What does it do? 1

Screenshots 1

Users manual 1


Adminstration 1


Configuration 2


Reference 2

Tutorial 2

Known problems 2

To-Do list 2

Changelog 2


What does it do?

Inserts a simmple Guestbook with captcha support, the option to set the Maximum amount of displayed pages and format date and time.

New in version 1.3.2: see changelog!


The main site of the guestbook:


img-2 The Site to make a new post:

The Site where the data is checked and you can check if your data are correct:

img-3 Users manual

Just go to the extension manager and install the extension.


There are none at the time


Administrate the plugin thru the BE-Flexform:

Email field can switched to a non mandatory field

BBCode: if checked BBCode will be shown in the FE

Smilies: if checked Smilies will be shown in the FE

Captchas: if checked the captcha request will be shown!

There is no longer demand on an external extension

Entries per site: the amount of posts per site

Date format: format it like in the php manual under strftime()

Example: %d.%m.%Y shows 01.03.2006

Date format: format it like in the php manual under strftime()

Example: %H:%M shows in 18:43

Sitelinks: Maximum amaount of links wich should be shown in the top and in the bottom of the guestbook

img-4 Configuration

E-Mail Notification

Activate mail notification with the checkbox in the flexform.

In the two inputs below you have to insert the

recipient (who will get the mail) and the

sender (from whom the mail was send, and wich will be shown in the header of the mail)

Additionally you can modify the subject of your mail.


General Record Storage Page

It is now (version 1.3.0) possible to choose a different general record storage page than the page where the plugin is.

Just go on the site where the plugin is installed and klick the edit button of the page (number 1).

Then go to the general record storage page menu and choose a page which benefits you (number 2).

This page will zhen be used to store all new post there (and only there no other page is possible).



Add additional sources for posts

With this new function it is possible to choose one or more pages to get additional data from there, and show this posts also in your guestbook.

For example if you want to show posts from several different guestbooks in one guestbbok or to show old posts from an other page on the new page too.



Known problems

To-Do list


The manual belongs to version 1.3.2 released 23.January 2007.

img-9 EXT: aahbook - 5