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EXT: adaltas_dojo_0_9

Author:Kasper Skårhøj
Author:David Worms
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EXT: adaltas_dojo_0_9

Extension Key: adaltas_dojo_0_9

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Table of Contents

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Installation 1

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Changelog 2


This extension load the Dojo Toolkit by inserting a “link” tag in the “head” section of your HTML page. You activate Dojo by including the static template called “Adaltas Dojo (adaltas_dojo_0_9)”.

This extension is provided by Adaltas . Please contact us ( for any suggestions / improvements.

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This extension only need to be activated, and it's static template need to be include in your main template (“Template” module > “Info/Modify” > “Click here to edit the whole template record” > “Include static (from extensions)”).

Important note:

The use of Dojo 0.9 is currently incompatible with current versions of Typo3 (4.1.2 - august 2007) on Internet Explorer. The issue has been reported:

Instructions on how to bypass the issue is described in the report.

To-Do list

Include new version of Dojo when they get released


24 th august 2007: original upload of the extension and of this documentation

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