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Administrator Manual

The first thing you have to decide, when installing asdis, is the exact moment you want to replace the URLs to your CDN.

Your options are:

  • Before Storing in cache (contentPostProc-all) (recommended)
  • Before outputting the content to the browser (contentPostProc-output)
  • Non INTincScripts before storing in cache (contentPostProc-all) + INTincScripts before outputting the content to the browser (contentPostProc-output)

The description in your backend explains your options very well:



To enable Asdis add some TypoScript to your Page Template: .. parsd-literal:

config.tx_asdis {
  enabled = 1
  servers {
    media1 {
      domain = media1{$const.cdn.domain}
    media2 {
      domain = media2{$const.cdn.domain}