Additional Resources

TYPO3 Extensions Using EXT:aws_sdk_php

There are several TYPO3 extensions which use EXT:aws_sdk_php. However, we have not compiled a list of those yet.


For in-depth user guides, API documentation, developer forums, and other developer resources, see the AWS SDK for PHP section at

The code repository is hosted on Github:

The complete API documentation can be found at:

A README is available at:

If you want to contribute to the AWS SDK for PHP, check out:

A migration guide shows how to migrate your code to use Version 3 of the AWS SDK for PHP and how the new version differs from the Version 2 of the SDK:

The TYPO3 CMS Extension

You possibly already noticed that the TYPO3 extension is basicly just a wrapper of the AWS SDK for PHP, wich makes it easy to use this fantastic library in this awesome content management system.

The author’s website contains some more information:

The latest version of the TYPO3 extension is available at the official TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER):