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Extension key:aws_sdk_php
Description:This extension provides a powerful suite of PHP classes for AWS services.
Keywords:AWS, Amazon Web Services, Cloud, S3, Route 53, RDS, Glacier, DynamoDB, CloudFront
Copyright:The TYPO3 Extension is copyright Michael Schams <>. The AWS SDK for PHP is copyright, Inc. or its affiliates.
Author:TYPO3 Extension: Michael Schams <> AWS SDK for PHP: (Amazon Web Services)
License:TYPO3 Extension: GNU General Public License, either version 2 of the License or any later version. AWS SDK for PHP: Apache license. For copyright and license information, please read the license files distributed with the source code.
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This TYPO3 CMS extension does not do anything itself. It acts as a “wrapper” for the AWS SDK for PHP software and provides AWS services to developers.

A SDK (software development kit) is a set of software development tools which provide functions for other applications (e.g. other TYPO3 extensions). In this case, the extension EXT:aws_sdk_php builds an interface between TYPO3 CMS and AWS’ services. The extension and AWS SDK for PHP enables PHP developers to use Amazon Web Services in their PHP code and build TYPO3 frontend and backend extensions using services like Amazon S3, Amazon Route 53, Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Glacier, etc.