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EXT: TYPO3 Basics

Author:Kasper Skårhøj
Description:The keywords help with categorizing and tagging of the manuals. You can combine two or more keywords and add additional keywords yourself. Please use at least one keyword from both lists. If your manual is NOT in english, see next tab "language" ---- forEditors (use this for editors / german "Redakteure") forAdmins (use this for Administrators) forDevelopers (use this for Developers) forBeginners (manuals covering TYPO3 basics) forIntermediates (manuals going into more depth) forAdvanced (covering the most advanced TYPO3 topics) see more: ----
Keywords:forAdmins, forBeginners
Author:Sven Burkert
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EXT: TYPO3 Basics

Extension Key: basics

Language: en

Keywords: forAdmins, forBeginners

Copyright 2012, Sven Burkert, <>

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Table of Contents

EXT: TYPO3 Basics 1

`Introduction 3 <#1.1.Introduction|outline>`_

What does it do? 3

`Configuration 4 <#1.2.Configuration|outline>`_

`To-Do list 5 <#1.3.To-Do%20list|outline>`_

`ChangeLog 6 <#1.4.ChangeLog|outline>`_


What does it do?

Solves some basic issues:

  • adding the fields “Keywords” and “Description” to page type “Shortcut”
  • show caption of an image only if there exists one (prevents empty div with class "csc-textpic-caption")
  • enable more files in content element "filelinks"


  • After installing this extension you can configure it in the extension manager.
  • You have to add the template “TYPO3 Basics” in field “Include static (from extensions)” in your ROOT page.

To-Do list

  • Remove the possibility to add the fields “Keywords” and “Description” with this extension as soon as TYPO3 fixed this.
  • Also remove fix of p-tag in table cells when TYPO3 handles this correctly.


See file ChangeLog in extension directory.