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User Manual


Install this extension with the extension manager and make sure it is activated. No further configuration is needed.


  1. Create a new page of type "Folder" for your module records
  2. Change to the Web / List module and select the folder
  3. Create a new record of type "Backend link"
Form to create a new module record

Insert a new module record in your folder.

Module record

Field: Description:
Hide Enable or disable the module record
Title Required! The module title which is shown in the module list
Type Define if this module is a main or a sub module
Url Enter the url which should be shown as module content
Backend icon Add an image as module icon
Authentication Define the authentication type of this module - None: the module is shown for everyone - User & Group: the module access can be defined in user and group records - Admin only: the module is visible only for admins - User: the module access can be defined in user records - Group: the module access can be defined in group records
Parent module Define the main module where this module should be attached to