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For tests you first need to prepare a local typo3 instance for testing inside this extensions root folder using composer.

You can install different TYPO3 versions for testing. From inside the extension folder (typo3conf/ext/c1_adaptive_images):

  • for 9.5.x: composer require typo3/minimal=^9.5 && git checkout composer.json
  • for 8.7.x: composer require typo3/minimal=^8.7 && git checkout composer.json

Unit tests should just work OOTB with: composer tests:unit

Functional and acceptance tests require a working mysql database where the testuser is allowed to create tables. Also some environment variables are required (adapt to your database credentials):

export typo3DatabaseName=testing
export typo3DatabaseUsername=testing
export typo3DatabasePassword=testing
export typo3DatabaseHost=
export TYPO3_PATH_ROOT=$PWD/.Build/public/

For acceptance tests

you also need to start a local webserver serving from the test-instance. This can be done with the builtin webserver in php:

cd typo3conf/ext/c1_adaptive_images
php -S -t .Build/public/

Also selenium or chromedriver is required.

Start chromedriver with:

chromedriver --url-base=wd/hub