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* TYPO3 LTS 6.2 support version
* New Feature: use of FAL. Please read chapter „Updating to version 1.7.0
* Bug #57344: TYPO3 6.2 migration result
* Bug #58209: category selection allocation no more possible for normal editors
* Bug #58406: Problem with FE-Edit/Categories
* Bug #58629: Fix invalid SQL in icalender service
* Bug #58722: Random images with typo3 6.2
* Bug #60178: External calendars and TYPO3 6.2
* Bug #60759: PHP Catchable Fatal Error: Argument 3 passed to ...
* Bug #60862: import .ics-file
* Bug #61922: Minical view leads to Exception in dev environment
* Bug #61935: Event View show images from an other element
* Bug #62045: No workspace preview on any page (including tx\_cal data/plugin or not) tx\_cal\_event\_service.php
* Suggestion #62304: New function validateDateRanges() is not a good idea