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1.9.0 - TYPO3 LTS 6.2 & TYPO3 7

* refactoring - Adopted extbase structure and moved all php files into Classes folder
              - Icons, help-files and templates are now inside the Resources folder
              - TypoScript, Flexforms & TCA stuff is inside the Configuration folder
              - moved css info inside its own file under Resources/Public/css/cal.css
              - removed day and time info from events in day and week view
              - switched event header background color in day and week from top to the left side
* new         - DateParser can parse YYYYMMDD values
              - Cal indexer starttime and endtime are parsed through our dateParser
              - Created new scheduler task to index events dynamically
* Bug #67575  - dbFileIcons() can not be called directly (More information)
* Bug #67865  - Creation of recursive categories possible
* Bug #67832  - Error in tx_cal_base_service->getAdditionalWhereForLocalizationAndVersioning
* Bug #67807  - cHash is required although no_cache is set
* Bug #67907  - unixtimeformat
* Fixed Bug   - Added missing day- and weekWrapperEnds
              - Selected item in week jump menu
              - Removed unnecessary require_once statement in seach_event function
* Suggestion #48350 - Link to event as a marker in confirmation mails