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Deviation Event Record

Deviation Events are generally used in conjunction with Recurring Events. Deviation Events are Events that differ from recurring schedule – either by time, by title, location, organizer - whatever. For instance, one event from a weekly scheduled event needs to move to another location.

img-36 Illustration 29: Deviation Event Record

Refer to Illustration 29. - Original Start Date: The date when the original recurring event would take place.

  • Original Start Time: The time when the original recurring event would start. Please leave this field empty if you want to set a deviation to a “allday” event. In any other case, this time must match exactly.
  • Deviation Event Title / any other field: Please refer to the basic event fields. Setting a value for a deviation event means to override the corresponding filed of the original record.

img-4 NOTE: Edit Deviation Events only from the original Recurring Event record, not directly in backend list view.