Breaking: #70316 - AbstractUserAuthentication properties and methods dropped and changed

See Issue #70316


The property AbstractUserAuthentication::session_table has been dropped. The property FrontendUserAuthentication::sessionDataTimestamp has been dropped. The property FrontendUserAuthentication::sesData has been moved to AbstractUserAuthentication::sessionData and is protected now.

The method FrontendUserAuthentication::fetchSessionData() has been removed and its logic has been integrated into AbstractUserAuthentication::fetchUserSession().


Accessing one of these properties will raise a PHP warning. Calling the method fetchSessionData() will cause a PHP fatal error.

Affected Installations

All extensions accessing these properties will most likely not work properly anymore. Extensions accessing the removed method will not work at all.


Use configuration from DatabaseSessionBackend located in $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS]['SYS']['session'][/* Session Identifier */]['table'] or use AbstractUserAuthentication::loginType to distinguish between FE or BE login types.

Session data can be manipulated with the following methods in AbstractUserAuthentication

  • getSessionData()
  • setSessionData()

Calls to FrontendUserAuthentication::fetchSessionData() can safely be removed.