Breaking: #77502 - Extbase: pre-parsing of queries removed

See Issue #77502


Extbase's custom implementation to pre-parse and cache queries has been removed in favor of using the RDBMS' native implementation via Doctrine DBAL.

The following public methods have been removed: * Typo3DbBackend->quoteTextValueCallback() * Typo3DbQueryParser->preparseQuery() * Typo3DbQueryParser->normalizeParameterIdentifier() * Typo3DbQueryParser->addDynamicQueryParts() * ComparisonInterface->setParameterIdentifier * ComparisonInterface->getParameterIdentifier


Calling any of the methods above will result in a fatal PHP error.

Affected Installations

Any TYPO3 installation using custom logic inside Extbase's own Persistence layer within Typo3DbBackend or Typo3DbQueryParser.


Remove the functionality and just use Typo3DbQueryParser->parseQuery().