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User ManualΒΆ

The migration tasks can be long running processes. Therefore they are executed using the command line dispatcher.

You can execute the dispathcer from the root of your website:


The available migration tasks can be found under the extbase cliKey:

./typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh extbase help

The following commands are currently available:

  dammigration:migratedamrecords           Migrates all DAM records to FAL. A
                                           DB field "_migrateddamuid" connects
                                           each FAL record to the original DAM
  dammigration:migratedammetadata          Migrates DAM metadata to FAL
                                           metadata. Searches for all migrated
                                           sys_file records that do not have any
                                           titles yet.
  dammigration:migratemediatagsinrte       Migrates the <media DAM_UID target
                                           title>Linktext</media> to <link
                                           file:29643 -
  dammigration:migratedamcategories        Migrate DAM categories to FAL
  dammigration:migratedamcategoriestofalcollections migrate all DAM categories to
                                           sys_file_collection records,
  dammigration:migratecategoryrelations    Migrate DAM Category Relations
  dammigration:migratedamfrontendplugins   migrate all damfrontend_pi1 plugins
                                           to tt_content.uploads with
                                           file_collection usually used in
                                           conjunction with / after
  dammigration:cleanupduplicatefalcollectionreferences Checks if there are multiple entries
                                           in sys_file_reference that contain
                                           the same uid_local and uid_foreign
                                           with sys_file_collection references
                                           and removes the duplicates
  dammigration:updatereferenceindex        updates the reference index
  dammigration:migraterelations            migrate relations to dam records
                                           that dam_ttcontent and dam_uploads
  dammigration:migrateselections           Migrates all available DAM
                                           Selections in sys_file_collections
                                           (only folder based selections for
  dammigration:migratedamttnews            Migrates tt_news records enriched
                                           with DAM fields to FAL.
  dammigration:upgradestorageindex         Service to Upgrade the storage


Some commands accept parameters. See './typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh extbase help <command identifier>' for more information about a specific command.

Please see the Command Reference for an explanation of the commands.

In general you will want to execute the commands 'migratedamrecords' and 'migratemetadata' first. After that you may wish to migrate the tx_dam_mm_ref table to sys_file_reference by running the 'migraterelations' command.