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Target group: Administrators

Configuration Reference

This section describes all options aviable for Datec Timeline via TypoScript setup. To change these options please add a new extension template to your ROOT template.

Minimal configuration

Upon installation, please add the static extension template 'Datec Timeline' to your ROOT template (Web > Template > edit root page template > Includes > select static template from extensions) and set at least the following options:

# PID of your storage folder for appointments
plugin.tx_datectimeline.persistence.storagePid = 123
plugin.tx_datectimeline.settings.storagePid = 123

# Valid e-mail address to dispatch automatic mails from
plugin.tx_datectimeline.settings.mail.internMailFrom =
# language of e-mails
plugin.tx_datectimeline.settings.mail.translang = de

General configuration


Property Data type Description Default
view.templateRootPaths array Constant, path to template files if you wish to use your own. EXT:datec_timeline/Resources/Private/Templates/
view.partialRootPaths array Constant, path to partial template files if you wish to use your own. EXT:datec_timeline/Resources/Private/Partials/
view.layoutRootPaths array Constant, path to layout files if you wish to use your own. EXT:datec_timeline/Resources/Private/Layouts/
persistence.storagePid int System folder for appointments.  
settings.storagePid int System folder for appointments.  
settings.mail.internMailFrom string E-mail address for automatic notification Mails [FROM].
settings.mail.internMailFromName string Name to display for automatic notification Mails [FROM-NAME]. Datec Timeline
settings.mail.translang string Language for e-mails, especially for reminder mails from BE de
settings.mail.onCreate string E-Mail after creation of appointment. true
settings.mail.onUpdate string E-Mail after each edit of appointment. true
settings.mail.onDelete string E-Mail after deletion of appointment. tru
settings.display.comments.dateFormat string Like 'settings.display.dateFormat' for comments only. d.m.Y - H:ie
settings.langOptions string Hides/shows language options. true


The options settings.reminderMailAfterCreation and settings.reminderMailAfterCreation will be removed in future versions.