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Automatically invoke the mailer engine.

There are some way to automatically invoking the direct mail mailer engine.

  1. Scheduler (recommended)
  2. The CLI script
  3. Using scheduled task with Gabriel (Ext: Gabriel)

It's recommended to use the scheduler option to automatically invoking the mailer engine.

Configuring direct_mail on Scheduler

This is the most recommended way to automatically sending the newsletter. In Scheduler module there will be 2 direct_mail job:

  1. Mailing queue
  2. Create Mail from draft

The first job sends the mail out. The second one creates a mailing object based on the configuration saved in the “Direct Mail” module, with checked “Save these settings as draft” checkbox.

Configuring the CLI script

Since TYPO3 4.x there is a CLI mode for TYPO3. The direct_mail CLI script uses the new CLI-API, which is available since TYPO3 4.1.x.

Before writing a cron task in your crontab, a BE-user with the name of “_cli_direct_mail” has to be created. This user must have no administrator right. After creating the BE-user, you can write the following line in the crontab:

*/5 * * * * /ABS/PATH/TO/SITE/typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh direct_mail masssend

This will call the CLI-script with two parameters: the extension's key (direct_mail) and a task (masssend).

Configuring direct_mail on Gabriel

This is also deprecated, since Gabriel extension is renamed Scheduler and since 4.5.x a system extension.

Please refer to the documentation of Gabriel. The direct_mail task will be shown in the list of task automatically.