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Configuring the analysis of returned mails

The analysis of the return mails can now be set in the scheduler job. It needs the PHP-IMAP extension.

  1. Create a mailbox (IMAP or POP) for the returned mails, for example: “bounce@domain.tld”.

  2. Use the Module Configuration function of the Direct mail module to configure this same address in the 'Return Path' field in Page TS Config:


  3. Now create a task Analyze bounce mail in the scheduler module.

  4. There you can set following parameter:

    Parameter Description
    Server URL/IP The URL or IP of the mail server
    Port number Port of the mail server
    Username Bounce mail address
    Password Password of the bounce mail account
    Type of mailserver IMAP or POP
    Number of bounce mail to be processed How many mail to be fetch in a cycle
  5. If you have more than one bounce account, you have to create a new scheduler task for every bounce mail account.