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Mass mail is only delivered after sending another mail from same MAC OS X serverΒΆ

Problem description:

Invoking a massmail results in getting an admin-mail which says that the procedure has started.

Hours later I didn't got any newsletter, nor an admin-mail which says that sending has stopped.

After invoking a form-mail from another domain on the same server, I instantly get all those messages, i.e. the admin mail and the newsletter. They all got the same timestamp as the first received admin mail.

I send a newsletter to a small group of users in tt_address. There was only one (1) user in this list.


Asking Google brought the hint that there's some authorization problem with sendmail. chmod'ing and chown'ing is supposed to help.

Reference: (german)


I had to change the group of the "postfix"-directory as described in the reference, i.e.

sudo chmod g-w /


sudo chgrp smmsp /var/spool/postfix