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Upgrading to version 3.0.0

Following changes are made to the new version 3.0.0

  1. Swiftmailer: starting version 3.0.0 direct_mail using the new swiftmailer class instead of the old t3lib_htmlmail class.

  2. SMTP support is dropped. Please configure your SMTP in Install Tool. The SMTP data, which are set in install tool, will be used automatically by Swiftmailer.

  3. The old cronjob (dmailerd.phpcron) is removed. Please set up a scheduler task to automatically sending the newsletter

  4. Changed database structure. Please do the following step

    1. Upon upgrading, you'll see the folowing message


    2. On clicking the link, you'll see the updater wizard. After clicking the “do it now” button, the changes are written in the database.