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Version Changes
0.3.0 [FIX] Compatibility Fixes for TYPO3 v7.x.x
. [CLEANUP] Locallang and flexforms
0.2.3 Cleanup template system, merge extension css files
. Added NL language in BE for calendar plugin
0.2.2 Bugfixes JS
0.2.1 Bugfixes (enabled clearCacheOnLoad)
. Added <f:format.bytes>{}</f:format.bytes> for filesizes
0.2.0 Added SYS_CATEGORY Support
. Removed old attachments -> added FAL Media properties to appointment
. Removed SET_LOCALE declarations
. Code cleanup and small bugfixes
0.1.4 Added class 'weekend'
. Updated HTML and CSS of internal themes
. Code cleanup
. Updated dayView html
0.1.3 Restructured extension and documentation for TER
. ReST documentation updated
0.1.2 Extension configuration updated for better listing in TER
. ReST documentation updated
0.1.1 First upload to TER
. ReST documentation created
0.0.1 Initial Release
. Manual created