Configuration Reference

HowTo: Outsource the templates – use your own templates

If you want to modify the templates and keep these changes after an extension update, die can outsource the template folders.

Duplicate the folders

  • EXT:dm_simplecalendar/Resources/Private/Layouts
  • EXT:dm_simplecalendar/Resources/Private/Partials
  • EXT:dm_simplecalendar/Resources/Private/Templates

into the fileadmin

  • fileadmin/templates/extensions/dm_simplecalendar/Resources/Private/Layouts
  • fileadmin/templates/extensions/dm_simplecalendar/Resources/Private/Partials
  • fileadmin/templates/extensions/dm_simplecalendar/Resources/Private/Templates

The following TypoScript configuration tells the extension to use your new destination:

plugin.tx_dmcalendar.view {
        templateRootPath = fileadmin/templates/html/extensions/dm_simplecalendar/Resources/Private/Templates/
        partialRootPath = fileadmin/templates/html/extensions/dm_simplecalendar/Resources/Private/Partials/
        layoutRootPath = fileadmin/templates/html/extensions/dm_simplecalendar/Resources/Private/Layouts/

You can set this configuration globaly or for each page, as TS constant or setup or in every each dm_simplecalendar plugin:

Plugin Template Customize

HowTo: Overwrite localisation via TypoScript

Write the following in your TypoScript Setup { = Kalenderwoche
    calendar.month.noAppointments = = Keine Termine
    tx_dmsimplecalendar_view_date_currentmonth = Aktueller Monat

Default included label-keys

Cat / Type label-key Default
. general.back zurück
. general.Back Zurück
. general.backToCalendar zurück zum Kalender
. general.edit bearbeiten
. general.delete löschen
. general.legend Legende
. date.month.January Januar
. date.month.February Februar
. date.month.March März
. date.calendarWeek Kalenderwoche
. KW
. Heute
. bar


Please use the typo3 forge bug tracker or send an email to <> if you have a question what should be listet here.