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Doctrine ORM for TYPO3

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Author:Georg Großberger
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Doctrine ORM for TYPO3

Extension doctrine_orm integrates the well known Doctrine ORM using the TYPO3 Doctrine DBAL API exposed by TYPO3 8. It does not offer the full feature set of either extbase or Doctrine, simply because the conceptual differences are too big for a 100% seamless integration.

It's main goal is to provide a set of APIs to use Doctrine managed entites within extbase plugins.


Install via the TER or use composer: composer require cyberhouse/typo3-doctrine-orm.


Using this package requires two steps:

  1. Register extension entites and Configure Plugin / Module are the main steps to enable this package.
  2. Models and Repositories describes how to use it for a Doctrine ORM based domain model.


This extension is developed and maintained publicly on


This package is licensed under the GPL v3. Please see the file LICENSE or the official FSF GPL Website.