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Doodle for TYPO3

This extension integrates polls created on Doodle ( within a TYPO3 website.

The underlying API lets you fetch available polls including their metadata, their participants and corresponding answers/preferences.

The extension is currently in alpha stage and serves as an example of what can be done. Please get in touch on or even prepare pull requests for enhancements and real life use case implementation.

Example of integration

Purpose of this extension

Being in need of easily embedding a basic list of polls (title + link) into a TYPO3 website, after creating those two links manually with a "text" content element, I thought it would be much cooler to get them automatically. I looked for an API, found none except a basic one to create polls and did not find any existing PHP client either.

I contacted them and got this answer on September 25th, 2015:

Unfortunately, Doodle won't be offering an API any longer.


Although weird, the bottom line is that Doodle is great at preparing and managing polls for friends and colleagues but totally lacks a proper (REST) API to interact with the platform, even when using a premium account.

As such I wrote first a TYPO3-agnostic PHP client and embbeded it then into a basic TYPO3 extension skeleton to get this project.


Please be aware of Doodle's Terms of Service. Particularly, by using this extension, you understand that you are potentially not fully complying with those terms of service (or maybe even not at all) and that this extension should most probably only be used by authenticated users on your website; so that you do not duplicate Doodle's features "publicly".


1. Fetch the extension

Either install as usual from TER or manually by cloning the Git project:

$ cd /path/to/website/typo3conf/ext/
$ git clone doodle
$ cd doodle/
$ composer install

2. Configure the extension

  • Open Extension Manager
  • Activate the "doodle" extension
  • Configure it by either clicking on the title or on the "gear" action icon
  • Provide your credentials (username / password)

3. Include static template

Just proceed as usual with module Web ‣ Templates. This lets you override the default templates with your own.

4. Use the plugin(s)

Insert Doodle plugin(s) as any other content elements and enjoy!