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Developer Corner

Target group: Developers

Use this documentation to find out what to configure in your extension to use the functions of the TYPO3 core. You will find all the parts you need for a feature commented in the code with the number of the example.

Extension manager configuration

Find it in the code commented with [Example-1].

Setup a text file ext_conf_template.txt in the root directory of your extension. In the textfile you could use variables to define what the administrator could configure here.

# cat=basic; type=boolean; label=Example for boolean
boolean = 1
# cat=basic; type=string; label=Example uri
example_uri =

In this extension the configuration is used in the Classes/Controller/AbstractController.php and written to a variable which could be accessed inside of the class.

 * settings in extension manager
 * [Example-1]
 * @var array
protected $emSettings;

public function __construct()

        /* [Example-1] */
        $this->emSettings = unserialize($GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXT']['extConf'][$this->extKey]);

You should also read the documentation on and the information on