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What does it do?

This extension is an example for building a TYPO3 CMS extension with the use of basic features/functions of TYPO3. I collected some of often used functions/features that I'm using in my own extensions.

It's built for developers to use it as an example for using the following functions of the TYPO3 CMS Core:
  • [Example-1]: Extension Manager configuration file reading (ext_conf_template.txt)
  • [Example-2]: an update script which could be executed in Extension Manager
  • [Example-3]: a basic composer.json file
  • [Example-4]: a custom content element which uses default fields and shows a backend preview (button)
  • [Example-5]: an Extbase plugin which shows a basic backend preview and renders two buttons to demonstrate AJAX requests
  • [Example-6]: an example Extbase dispatcher for rendering AJAX requests via eID
  • [Example-7]: an example for AJAX requests with typoscript_rendering extension
  • [Example-8]: automatically include the constants and setup for the extension
  • [Example-9]: a backend module to show the basic functionality
  • [Example-10]: a default scheduler task with custom fields
  • [Example-11]: a scheduler task as command controller task (could be executed via command line)
  • [Example-12]: register extension icons with the icon registry
  • [Example-13]: custom flash messages ViewHelper to get all flash messages

Please read the developers part in the documentation to get more information on how to use this extension.

You could search the extension for example with the keys e.g. '[Example-7]' to find all files which are needed to get this feature/function to work.