This project is a free time driven project.

What does it do?

FAL Gallery is a TYPO3 Extension that only relies on FAL Methods to build a gallery from a folder structure. This Extension is the successor of wt_gallery and it does, like the old one, support EXIF data.

Main Features:

  • Strictly relies on FAL only
  • Gallery view: Browse in the folder tree
  • List View: Show all supported images in the selected Gallery View
  • Show View: Show the image selected in the List View

Configurable by the Editor in BE for all Plugins:

  • Supported filetypes
  • Thumbnail size
  • Grids


This Extension is only tested with TYPO3 6.2.


Features planned for future implementation:

  • Preview of Images in “default image” selection
  • Complete AJAX loading
  • Javascript interface definition for safe extension update
  • Installation via composer (composer.json and packagist registration)
  • Caching of EXIF data