1. Install ext:fal_securedownload

    Download and install fal_securedownload through extension manager or clone from in typo3conf/ext/

  2. Create non public file storage (under rootlevel)

    Un-check the 'public' checkbox for your existing file storage or create a new file storage and set it to non public

    Create non-public file storage

    Image 1: Create non-public file storage

    Best is to have the fysical folder outsite of your document root. If not add an .htaccess with "Deny from all" (Apache < 2.3) or "Require all denied" (Apache >= 2.3) in your file storage root folder.

  3. Set permissions

    Set fe_group permissions to a file or folder of the non-public file storage

    Set FE permissions for folder

    Image 2: Set FE permissions for folder