This documentation is not using the current rendering mechanism and will be deleted by December 31st, 2020. The extension maintainer should switch to the new system. Details on how to use the rendering mechanism can be found here.

What does it do?ΒΆ

This extension (fal_securedownload) aims to be a general solution to secure your assets.

When you storage is marked as non-public all links to files from that storage are replaced (also for processed files).

The permissions for assets can be set on folder/file bases by setting access to fe_groups in the file module.

There is also a plugin to show your files as a tree on your website.

Set FE permissions for folder

Image 1: Set FE permissions for folder


  • Restrict FE access on folder level
  • Restrict FE access on file level
  • Let editor set permissions in file list
  • Force download for all files (for protected file storages)
  • Force download for specific file extensions (for protected file storages)
  • Keep track of requested downloads (count downloads per user and file)