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  1. List module -> Rootpage (id=0)
  2. New File Storage
  3. Configuration -> Driver: Select "Sftp Driver"
  4. All "Driver Configuration" is needed except Public URL
  5. Filelist -> Storage / Image Content Element -> Select Image
  6. Have fun

Long and detailed

Login to the Backend. Select the List module and click on your Rootpage Add a new Element by clicking on Element(plus) icon at the top of the page or in the "File Storage" section


Give your sftp storage a name you can remember or maybe the hostname of the sftp host


Click the configuration tab. First select "Sftp Driver" from the list of availabe Drivers. The "Driver Configuration" will appear after that. Enter the correct credentials into the fields. You might leave "Public URL" blank.


Now you should be able to use the configured storage like you use your fileadmin storage. Remeber that FAL is shooting a lot of requests at drivers and the ssh2 implementation in PHP isn't the fastest. This driver uses the caching framework which speeds everything up - once everything is cached - by a factor feeling like 1000, but after all there are still a lot of requests that have to be sent to the sftp storage. So please don't hurry.

If you encounter problems using the driver, please ensure that you have at least read permissions on the server. If your system doesn't support ssh2 or if you entered wrong credentials, you will might take a look at the Log module