Install per Extension Manager

  1. Open the Extension Manager
  2. search for fal_sftp
  3. click on import/install

Install per git

  1. Clone the repository into typo3conf/ext/fal_sftp
  2. Got to the Extension Manager and activate fal_sftp

Install by Hand

If you are keen on installing it by hand, okay, but i don't recommend it.

  1. Get the source
  2. Extract/Copy/Move to typo3conf/ext/fal_sftp
  3. Insert into LocalConfiguration.php ['EXT']['extConf']
'fal_sftp' => 'a:0:{}',
  1. Insert into PackageStates.php
'fal_sftp' =>
  array (
    'state' => 'active',
    'packagePath' => 'typo3conf/ext/fal_sftp/',
    'classesPath' => 'Classes/',
    'suggestions' =>
    array (
  1. Run a DB-Compare (should create caching tables)