This project is a free time driven project.

What does it do?

FAL SFTP is a TYPO3 FAL Driver that enables TYPO3 to communicate with other server over the PHP-Extension ssh2 implemented Protocols.

Main Features:

  • Connect via SSH Protocol
  • Full tree view in the Backend
  • Files usable as if they we're locally availabe
  • Using the Caching Framework for performance boost
  • Files can be linked directly if a public URL is configured


This Extension is only tested with TYPO3 6.2.

It might operate well in Version from TYPO3 6.0 up to 6.1.99 but i won't guarantee it.


Although the driver works, there are some basic features that are missing. I will implement them when i have time for it. See the Todo section for more details about missing Features.