This documentation is not using the current rendering mechanism and will be deleted by December 31st, 2020. The extension maintainer should switch to the new system. Details on how to use the rendering mechanism can be found here.

TYPO3 Backend UX ImprovementsΒΆ

This extension provides a number of UX improvements to the record list and TYPO3 BE in general.

Currently the following features are available:

  • Anchor links in web_list view (record list) which allow to jump directly to the respective table
  • Prev/next record buttons in record editing view (EditDocumentController) which allow to open the previous or next record of the same kind on the current page
  • New button to open record list in record editing view (EditDocumentController) which allows to switch to a different record on the same page
  • New button to quick-copy current record