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EXT: 3 Columns (4d f/x)

Author:Kasper Skårhøj
Changed by:Peter Russ
Author:Peter Russ
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EXT: 3 Columns (4d f/x)

Extension Key: fdfx_3cols

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3 Columns (4D f/x) offers 3 seperate content elements that are rendered based on a template. Header and subheader can either be rendered according to TS settings or directly included in the template.

This extension extends 2 Columns (4D f/x), i.e. you can switch seamlessly between booth extension and keep the content of left element and bodytext.

What does it do?

This extension offers 3 columns for a content element. In this revised version the admin can decide either to use tables or div-elements to render the content. For each solution 3 example layouts are provided.


For Examples checkout . It will be published there.

Users manual

Create a new content element using Regular text element .

Change Type to 3 Column(4D f/x) .

If using <div>-template the Column height will set the height for this content element.

With Layout you can select upto 3 different layouts depening on the template.

With Order you can change the display order of left column and bodytext.

Save and preview.

The height of the div section can be set with Column Height .


To install use the extension manager.


To configure check for Template -> Constants Editor -> TX_FDFX3COLS_PI1.

If you decide to use a different marker for the height property of the the div-section you can set it

Example template for tables based rendering is EXT:fdfx_3cols/tpl.3column.html. If you want to use div based rendering select EXT:fdfx_3cols/tpl.3column.div.html. To adjust the css to your need either adjust CSS DEFAULT_STYLE or copy it to your style sheet and fix it there.

That's new in this Version

Version 2.1.0

  • Added capability for direct editing in preview
  • Added capability that header is either rendered using TS or template.


Render Header in TS

Add to your page setup:

tt_content.fdfx_3cols_pi1 {

10.stdWrap.dataWrap=<p class="csc-fdfx_3cols_pi1-header csc- fdfx_3cols_pi1-header-{field:layout}">|</p>

15.dataWrap = <p class="csc-fdfx_3cols_pi1-subheader csc- fdfx_3cols_pi1-subheader-{field:layout}">|</p>


to change the rendering of header (10) and subheader (15). Header and subheader will only be rendered if they are available.

Render Header in Template

Disable standard header/subheader rendering:tt_content.fdfx_3cols_pi1.10 >tt_content.fdfx_3cols_pi1.15 >

Add the marks ###HEADER### and ###SUBHEADER### to your template.


If someone could write a detail manual this support would highly appreciated.

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