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Administrator Manual

Don't be afraid. Easy to setup, just follow the installation instructions.


Be aware that the extension depends on fe_login and femanager extension wich must be installed and is, until now, tested in TYPO3 7.6 only. There should also be a fe_login form integrated somewhere on your page.

  • Install the extension via extension manager or clone from github.
  • Then integrate the static TypoScript on the root page of your website
Integrate TypoScript on root page of your website

Integrate static TypoScript

  • Create a page and put femanger plugin on that newly created page
Create page with femanager form on it

femanger edit form settings, feel free wich data you need your users to update

  • Now you need to get the id of that newly created page (hover over page icon in the page tree, the id appears after a few seconds). Knowing that information you can set up the constants.


The following constants are available and required


        settings {
        forceDataChange = 1                             // activate/deactivate the force
        firstLoginPid = 2                               // this is the id of your previously created page (the one with the femanager edit form on it)
        fullUrlToEditPage =                             // the full url to the page with the edit form



You need to set fullUrlToEditPage right now, if the firstLoginPid is e.g. 2 then your fullUrlToEditPage will be http// (or realUrl equivalent). This is needed as we are doing the redirect back to the edit page via config.additionalHeaders = Location As there is no stdWrap at the moment we need the full Url. We will work on this issue. If you have some suggestion get in contact or make a pull request on Github.


No FAQ until now.