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Flat URLs (like Stack Overflow) for TYPO3


This extension is installable from various sources:

  1. Via Composer:

     composer require pagemachine/typo3-flat-urls
  2. From the TYPO3 Extension Repository

  3. From Github


The purpose of this extension is to enforce so called "flat URLs" throughout the TYPO3 frontend. Thus instead of my/deeply/nested/page/ you will always get URLs like 10/page/ (thus page UID and title), no matter the actual page hierarchy managed in the backend.

Page translations will use the same UID as their original page but with translated titles. Thus you need to make sure that the language parameter (L) is part of the URL to avoid duplicate URLs with multiple translations.

The flat URLs are achieved using RealURL and a fully managed path segment for every page. Whenever the title of a page is changed, its path segment is updated accordingly.

Similar to Stack Overflow pages requested only by page UID will be redirected to their full URL. This means that e.g. redirects to


If you have existing pages when adding this extension or if you want to ensure a clean state you can run the flaturls:update CLI command. It will process all pages and page translations, generate the path segments and enforces them.