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Flush Language Cache

This small TYPO3 CMS extension adds an item to the flush cache menu to allow for flushing only the language cache (l10n). This way you can avoid flushing the whole system cache when updating just a couple of localized strings (in locallang files).

This extension requires TYPO3 CMS 8.7 or more.

Just install it and flush the system cache. Reload the backend and the new item will appear in the flush cache menu.

There is also a command-line tool that can be called with:

path/to/php path/to/bin/typo3 languagecache:flush

User TSconfig

It is possible to give access to this flush cache option to ordinary backend users with the following User TSconfig:

options.clearCache.flushLanguageCache = 1


The icon is based on the following images:

  • thunderbolt by H Alberto Gongora from the Noun Project
  • chat bubble by Tereza Moravcová from the Noun Project