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EXT: Force RealURLs

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EXT: Force RealURLs

Extension Key: forcerealurls

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What does it do?

This extension forces the access to pages to be made only by the configured URL-scheme, fx RealURL. It checks the query by which the site was being accessed and if this is the basic TYPO3 one, ie. http://mysite/index.php?id=48 or http://mysite/?48 etc, it will redirect to the appropriate URL.

It will send a HTTP 1.1 301 Redirect header, to tell search engínes etc that the paged has moved. Thus it can be used when enabling RealURL on a site that did not previously use it, to keep ranking in search engines.

Users manual

The only thing needed to do is install the extension, no configuration is needed.

Technical details

Quite a lot of the TYPO3 FE needs to be initialized before the information needed to generate the correct URL is available. This means that the full page is actually generated, and the redirect- header is only sent right before outputting the content. So the page will actually be generated twice, which of course gives a performance overhead, of course the general caching of TYPO3 is still in effect.

In general this is not a big problem as users of the FE are most likely to use/bookmark the correct URL, but the url used by clicking the view-icons in the backend uses the “?id” scheme, and so in this case the page will be generated twice, on the other hand it is nice for BE-users to see the correct url when pre-viewing their work. It might make sense to make a configuration of disabling the redirect for logged in BE-users, or to make the BE use the correct URL directly, to be used on performance-intensive sites.

The extension will check if RealURL is enabled, and only do the redirect if so. This is to prevent endless loops. Currently the check is done explicitly for RealURL, but this is the only RealURL-specific thing, and check for other URL-extensions can easily be made.


  • Look into if it is feasible to do the redirect earlier in the FE execution to minimize the performance overhead
  • Add option for disabling redirect for BE-users
  • support other URL-extensions


The development of this extension was fully payed for by Brunata A/S for use on . Brunata is a long time user and supporter of TYPO3. Thank for your dedication and contributions!

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