How do I override the frontend templates?

There are 2 possible ways to override the frontend templates.

Globally extend the fluid search paths

Since EXT:form mainly uses YAML as configuration language you need to register your own additional YAML files. Let us assume you are using a sitepackage EXT:my_site_package which contains your whole frontend integration.


First of all, register a new EXT:form configuration for the frontend via TypoScript.

plugin.tx_form {
    settings {
        yamlConfigurations {
            # register your own additional configuration
            # choose a number higher than 30 (below is reserved)
            100 = EXT:my_site_package/Configuration/Yaml/CustomFormSetup.yaml


Next, define the additional fluid template search paths via YAML.

                  20: 'EXT:my_site_package/Resources/Private/Form/Frontend/Templates/'
                  20: 'EXT:my_site_package/Resources/Private/Form/Frontend/Partials/'
                  20: 'EXT:my_site_package/Resources/Private/Form/Frontend/Layouts/'


The preview within the form editor (backend module) uses the frontend templates as well. If you want the preview to show your customized templates, register the new paths for the backend module as well.


Register your EXT:form configuration for the backend via TypoScript. Read the chapter to learn why we recommend using the concept behind ext_typoscript_setup.txt.

module.tx_form {
    settings {
        yamlConfigurations {
            100 = EXT:my_site_package/Configuration/Yaml/CustomFormSetup.yaml

How do I migrate from EXT:form v7?

The old form extension (used in TYPO3 v7, which is compatible to TYPO3 v6) was moved into an own extension called form_legacy. This extension can be found within the official TER. When upgrading to TYPO3 v8 an upgrade wizard will tell you if form_legacy is still needed.

Is there a frontend validation?

Yes, an HTML 5 based frontend validation is implemented. Nevertheless, there is no JavaScript validation. This has to be integrated manually. Reliable and maintained projects are Parsley and jQuery Validation.

How do I localize the client side validations in the frontend?

The displayed validation message is a browser specific text. The output is not generated by TYPO3 and therefore you cannot change it easily. Nevertheless, there is a JavaScript solution for changing the validation message. See Stack Overflow for more information.

How does the date picker work?

EXT:form ships a datepicker form element. To unfold its full potential you should add jquery JavaScript files and jqueryUi JavaScript and CSS files to your frontend.

Is it possible to build a frontend user registration with EXT:form?

Possible, yes. But we are not aware of an integration.

Is there some kind of export module for saved forms?

Currently, there are no plans to implement such a feature. There are huge concerns regarding the data privacy when it comes to storing user data in your TYPO3 database permanently.