FormZ provides a set of ViewHelpers to help integration:

  • formz:form

    Will initialize FormZ. It replaces the ViewHelper form provided by Extbase, and must absolutely be used.

  • formz:field

    Renders a field of the form, by automatizing many processes.

  • formz:option

    Defines the value of an option, which can be used later in the field rendering.

  • formz:slot

    Defines a slot in the template of a field.

  • formz:slot.render

    Launches the rendering of a slot defined in the template of a field.

  • formz:slot.has

    Adds a condition that is verified if a slot has been defined.

  • formz:formatMessage

    Will format a message returned by the validation of a field.

  • formz:class

    Handles dynamically the CSS classes depending on the validity of a field: activates or deactivates CSS classes according to the result of the field validation.