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In this chapter you will find some features available with the extension.

Fetch the last invalid form

If you need to fetch the instance of the last form which did not pass its validation rules, you can use the function:


Where $formClassName is the name of the class of the form model (for instance MyVendor\MyExtension\Form\ExampleForm).

Redirect if the form is not sent

You have access to a function to redirect the current action if a required argument for an action is not filled: \Romm\Formz\Utility\FormUtility::onRequiredArgumentIsMissing()

This is useful when a user tries to access the submit action of the form controller. Indeed, this action is called only when the submitted form is valid. But a user can still access a URL which calls this action, without even submitting the form. In a normal scope, it can throw a fatal error. You may then use the action initialization function, which looks like initializeActionName(), and call the function above.

public function initializeSubmitFormAction()
        function($missingArgumentName) {

public function submitFormAction(FormExample $myForm)
    // ...

Create a custom activation condition

Coming soon Romm\Formz\Condition\ConditionFactory::registerCondition