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HTML/CSS cheat-sheet

PhpStorm auto-completion

FormZ provides a schema allowing IDEs like PhpStorm to give auto-completion for its ViewHelpers in Fluid templates.

You can find a guide on integrating XSD files in your IDE here:


<html xmlns=""

    <f:layout name="MyLayout" />

    <f:section name="MySection">
        <fz:form name="myForm">


“data” attributes

List of attributes used on the tag <form> and which can be used with CSS:

  • fz-valid: when all fields are valid.
  • fz-value-{field-name}="value": current value of the field;
  • fz-valid-{field-name}="1": the field is valid (no validation error);
  • fz-error-{field-name}="1": the field has at least one error;
  • fz-error-{field-name}-{rule-name}-{message-key}: the field has the error {rule-name} with the message {message-key} ;
  • fz-submission-done: the form has been submitted;
  • fz-submitted: the form is being submitted.

Example of CSS:

In the example below, the block info-customer is hidden as long as the button “No” is not selected. It's the same as saying that it will be displayed only if the button “No” is selected.

form[name="myForm"]:not([fz-value-is-customer="0"]) .info-customer {
    display: none;
{namespace fz=Romm\Formz\ViewHelpers}

<fz:form name="myForm" action="submitForm">
    <fz:field name="isCustomer" layout="default">
        <fz:slot name="Field">
            Are you a customer?
            <br />
            < property="isCustomer" value="1" />&nbsp;Yes
            <br />
            < property="isCustomer" value="0" />&nbsp;No

    <div class="info-customer">
        You can subscribe easily to our service <a href="...">by clicking here</a>.

Loading behaviour

  • The attribute fz-loading is added:

    1. To the tag <form> when the form is being validated. It can be used for instance to deactivate the submission button, to wait for the fields to be validated.


      Another attribute is used at the submission of the form (when all fields are valid), see below.


      .formz[fz-loading] input[type="submit"] {
          display: none;
    2. To the field container when it is being validated. It can be used for instance to display a loading circle when an Ajax request is running.

  • The attribute fz-submitted is added to the tag <form> when the form is being submitted (when all fields were validated).