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Feature: Changelog section in documentation


FormZ now offers a reliable way of documenting its changes from one version to another. The goal is to have a detailed note for each important change among the following list:

  • Feature: new functionality added to FormZ;
  • Breaking: some part of the core has been changed, and may break external extension;
  • Deprecation: a functionality is marked as old and not maintained anymore, and will be removed in a future release;
  • Important: any other important change.

The concept already exists in TYPO3 core (see official documentation), and the main principles remain the same.

From now on, before upgrading to a new FormZ version, one should first read the changelog and easily check for changes that may have impacts on their own implementation.


Every important change must now be properly documented, by following the rules that explain how to do it properly.

Before a new release, every changelog file will be placed into a new folder corresponding to the new version number.