.. include:: ../Includes.txt .. _cheatSheets-css: HTML/CSS cheat-sheet ==================== PhpStorm auto-completion ------------------------ FormZ provides a schema allowing IDEs like PhpStorm to give auto-completion for its ViewHelpers in Fluid templates. You can find a guide on integrating XSD files in your IDE here: https://github.com/FluidTYPO3/schemaker/blob/development/README.md#how-to-use-xsd-in-ide **Example:** .. code-block:: html ... “data” attributes ----------------- List of attributes used on the tag ``
`` and which can be used with CSS: * ``fz-valid``: when all fields are valid. * ``fz-value-{field-name}="value"``: current value of the field; * ``fz-valid-{field-name}="1"``: the field is valid (no validation error); * ``fz-error-{field-name}="1"``: the field has at least one error; * ``fz-error-{field-name}-{rule-name}-{message-key}``: the field has the error ``{rule-name}`` with the message ``{message-key}`` ; * ``fz-submission-done``: the form has been submitted; * ``fz-submitted``: the form is being submitted. **Example of CSS:** In the example below, the block ``info-customer`` is hidden as long as the button “No” is not selected. It's the same as saying that it will be displayed only if the button “No” is selected. .. code-block:: css form[name="myForm"]:not([fz-value-is-customer="0"]) .info-customer { display: none; } .. code-block:: html {namespace fz=Romm\Formz\ViewHelpers} Are you a customer?
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Loading behaviour ----------------- * The attribute ``fz-loading`` is added: 1. To the tag ```` when the form is being **validated**. It can be used for instance to deactivate the submission button, to wait for the fields to be validated. .. attention:: Another attribute is used at the **submission** of the form (when all fields are valid), see below. **Example:** .. code-block:: css .formz[fz-loading] input[type="submit"] { display: none; } 2. To the field container when it is being validated. It can be used for instance to display a loading circle when an Ajax request is running. * The attribute ``fz-submitted`` is added to the tag ```` when the form is being **submitted** (when all fields were validated).