FormZ FormZ Example

:heavy_exclamation_mark: This PHP library has been developed for TYPO3TYPO3 CMS and is intended to TYPO3 extension developers.

This repository hosts a full working example for the TYPO3 extension FormZ FormZ.

FormZ official website

“Manage your forms easily with powerful tools: TypoScript based validation, Fluid view helpers, a whole JavaScript API, and more. Use pre-defined layouts for Twitter Bootstrap and Foundation to build nice-looking forms in minutes. Need to build a basic form with only two fields? Need to build a huge registration form with dozens of fields? Use FormZ, it will live up to your expectations!”


  1. Install FormZ on your TYPO3 installation:
  2. Clone this Git repository in your extensions folder: git clone
  3. Install the extension formz_example.
  4. On a page in your TYPO3 page tree, insert a new content containing the provided plug-in: [FormZ] Form example.
  5. On the same page, include the following TypoScript static content:
    • [FormZ] Global configuration (formz)
    • [FormZ] Form example - Configuration (formz_example)
  6. Additionally, if you are using Twitter Bootstrap or Foundation on your site, you can do the following:
  • Edit the plug-in that you did insert in step 4, and change the value of Layout
  • Include the TypoScript static content [FormZ] View configuration for XXX
  • If you need to include CSS and JavaScript assets, include the TypoScript static content [FormZ] Form example - Asset for XXX