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Extension Manager

Target group: Developers

EXT:fs_media_gallery offers some basic configuration inside the Extension Manager. To set this configuration, switch to the Extension Manager, search for the extension fs_media_gallery and click on it to open the configuration view.

Property Data type Default
allowedActionsInFlexforms list nestedList,flatList,showAlbumByParam,showAlbumByConfig,randomAsset
list.orderOptions list datetime,crdate,sorting
enableAutoCreateFileCollection boolean true
clearCacheAfterFileChange boolean false

Property details


Defines plugin actions shown in flexforms so you can disable unwanted plugin modes. Comma separated list of controller actions which could be selected as “Display mode” in flexforms. Available actions are:

  • nestedList
  • flatList
  • showAlbumByParam
  • showAlbumByConfig
  • randomAsset

If no action is defined, all available actions are selectable.


Comma separated list of sort options for field “Sort albums list by” in flexforms. Available actions are:

  • datetime
  • crdate
  • sorting


Enables auto creation of fileCollection(s)/album(s) of a folder when a new folder is created beneath an existing fileCollection/album.


Clears the cache of the album after a file change. Set on false by default due that the cache will be cleared multiple times if more files will be added. Make sure “TCEMAIN.clearCacheCmd” is set as this value is used to define what cache should be cleared.

For more info about possible values see Docs » Page TSconfig » ->TCEMAIN.

General extensionmanager settings