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Users Manual

Target group: Editors

How to create a new media album

  1. Make sure the static template Media Gallery (fs_media_gallery) is included

    Include static template *Media Gallery (fs_media_gallery)*

    Image 1: Include static template Media Gallery (fs_media_gallery)

    If you use EXT:bootstrap_package include static template Media Gallery Theme ‘Bootstrap3’ (fs_media_gallery).

  2. Create a “<Storage Folder>” in your page-tree that’s gonna hold your albums

    Create a *"<Storage Folder>"* to hold your albums

    Image 2: Create a “<Storage Folder>” to hold your albums

  3. Tell TYPO3 that the “<Storage Folder>” holds media albums by setting “Contains Plugin” to “MediaGalleries”

    Set "Contains Plugin" to "MediaGalleries"

    Image 3: Set “Contains Plugin” to “MediaGalleries”

  4. Go to Filelist and open the folder you want to turn into a album (the folder should contain some media assets like e.g. images)

  5. In Filelist click on the Create new album in “<Storage Folder>” icon in top toolbar or use Create new album in “<Storage Folder>” from the context menu in file list

    Create new album in "<Storage Folder>"

    Image 4: Create new album in “<Storage Folder>”

  6. Fill out the required fields and save your new album

  7. Insert plugin Media Album on a page

    Add media album plugin

    Image 5: Add media album plugin

  8. Choose a “Display mode” for instance “Selected albums (nested)” see Plugin settings

  9. Set the Startingpoint to the “<Storage Folder>” you created the album in for more configuration options see plugin

    Set starting point

    Image 6: Set starting point

  10. Open FE and admire your album :)

Clear cache after a folder change

Clearing the cache of a certain page can be set by adding the ‘TCEMAIN.clearCacheCmd’ in the pageTs of your MediaGallery storage. After a change in your folder the TCEMAIN.clearCacheCmd will be invoked and the cache of these pages will be flushed.